Australian (Green-Winged) King Parrot

A familiar sight in Australia, the Australian master parrot is a relatively rare pet dog in the United States and also other parts of the globe. These parrots are not cuddlers or enthusiasts of petting, but with steady training, they can learn to mention a few words.

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Origin and also History

Australian king parrots are native to seaside asian Australia and New Guinea, where they are an usual view in playgrounds, suburbs, and also farmlands. The various other varieties feature the Papuan king parrot and also the Moluccan king parrot.


Australian king parrots are certainly not overly loving birds, and the majority of perform certainly not like handling. While there is the periodic exemption, it is rare for a master parrot– even one that was hand-fed as a child– to connect as firmly with their managers similarly that cockatoos and a few other parrot species perform.

It is certainly not that these birds are actually anti-social. On the other hand, several Australian king parrots carry out delight in socializing with their proprietors as well as also find out to state a couple of phrases. Yet if you are trying to find a cuddly parrot, then this is actually not the very best species for you.

Speech and also Vocalizations

Although these are large parrots, Australian master parrots are actually known to become amongst the more peaceful parrot types, and they usually tend not to shriek in the same manner as the other big hookbills such as macaws.

Instead, they usually tend to pronounce at a distinct yet really pleasing degree pleasantly as well as will entertain their managers along with their whistles and also chatter. When appropriately mingled and also stimulated, Australian king parrots may know to chat however are actually not known for having a remarkable speaking potential.

Australian King Parrot Colors and Markings

Australian master parrots are a dimorphic bird species– suggesting the sexual activities look various– and substantially thus. Males possess bright red quill on their breasts and scalps, dazzling green plumes on their backs and also tails, and blue plumes under their wings. They are the only parrot along with a completely reddish head.

Females of the varieties possess green feathers on their heads, chests, as well as backs, red on their stomaches, and a patch of blue on their rumps. Both sexes have black gray skin layer on their legs as well as feet.

Taking care of an Australian King Parrot

Although the large bulk of Australian master parrots favor minimal handling, they could be hand-tamed by person proprietors and are actually among the best gentle large parrots on the planet. Do not receive tricked into thinking that an Australian king parrot will certainly never nibble– all parrots will definitely nibble if irritated. These birds commonly favor a lot more tranquil methods of interacting with their human caretakers.

The Australian master parrot is actually an acrobatic bird that demands a big cage or bird sanctuary. A suitable atmosphere is a room 3 to 6 feets vast and 12 to 15 feet long. If inhibited a much smaller enclosure, this bird is going to demand many hours of out-of-cage exercise each day.

Common Health Problems

Australian master parrots are susceptible to Bacillus, which is a bacterial contamination that is virtually consistently deadly and also challenging or impossible to alleviate. See to it to sequester your bird for six weeks before launching it to every other birds you may have.

If inhibited a typical exterior aviary along with earthen floorings, Australian master parrots could be prone to digestive tract worms, which will definitely require focus from a vet. Intestinal earthworms or even bloodsuckers are actually seldom a trouble with aviaries or crates lifted in the air.

Diet and also Nutrition

In the wild, Australian master parrots feast on a diet of fruits, nuts, berries, seeds, and florals. In bondage, as with all household pet birds, suitable nutrition with a healthy parrot food items is vital to healthiness.

The majority of proprietors supply their birds a premium industrial pellet and also seed mix, enhanced with a lot of new fruit products as well as veggies such as corn, carrots, mango, bananas, as well as leafy eco-friendlies like spinach. These birds appreciate whole grains like oatmeals, millet, and also quinoa.

As a medium-to-larger-sized bird, the amount of food items you provide depends on the bird’s dimension. A mature Australian master parrot may eat regarding 1/2 mug of parrot mix and also concerning 1/2 to 3/4 mug of fruit and veggies per day.


Australian master parrots, being actually large birds, require plenty of area to exercise. These birds enjoy to climb, sway, and eat, so a massive crate with a lot of risk-free playthings is the optimum atmosphere for them.

They normally don’t crave human interaction as considerably as some various other parrot types, they still need a minimum of 3 to 4 hrs of closely watched out-of-cage leisure per time. This task must take place in a considerable bird-proof region of your residence, as Australian king parrots are actually really interested and also smart and can easily acquire themselves into trouble if you carry out certainly not take preventative measures to ensure their security. To protect the room, shut down ceiling enthusiasts, close windows and also doors, and get rid of other animals and toxic vegetations.

Where to Adopt or even Buy an Australian King Parrot

While strongly demanded for their peaceful nature and wonderful shades, it could be hard to locate an Australian king parrot. Make an effort contacting your local area exotic bird club or parrot community and also inquire concerning dog breeders in your location if you are seeming to embrace one as a family pet.

In Australia, breeders sell Australian master parrots in the stable of $100 to $500. Considering that this bird is actually sparse in the U.S., you can easily expect to spend upwards of $1,000 for one. Savings, fostering associations, as well as breeders where you might discover Australian king parrots or even locate a really good lead on all of them in the U.S. include: Free.

  • Flight Exotic Bird Sanctuary.
  • Take on a Pet.
  • Charm of Birds.

The moment you touch with a breeder, talk to plenty of concerns and also try to make an appointment to go to along with them as well as their birds. It is necessary to understand exactly what it feels like to deal with an Australian king parrot before bringing one residence. Make certain that the bird you intend to take home looks out, energetic, and exhibits all the signs of a well-balanced bird, such as brilliant eyes, clean feathers, and complete crops.

The various other species consist of the Papuan master parrot and also the Moluccan master parrot.

Australian master parrots are a dimorphic bird types– indicating the sexes look various– and also considerably therefore. The substantial majority of Australian king parrots favor low dealing with, they can be hand-tamed through client managers and are actually amongst the most gentle large parrots in the planet.

Perform not obtain tricked right into believing that an Australian master parrot are going to certainly never bite all parrots will definitely bite if upset. A full-grown Australian king parrot can easily eat regarding 1/2 mug of parrot mix as well as regarding 1/2 to 3/4 cup of fruit and veggies per day.

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