Dusky Pionus Parrot (Dusky Parrot)

The dusky pionus parrot is actually a medium-sized parrot known to have a soft disposition, making it an exceptional selection for novice parrot proprietors as well as loved ones. A quieter bird than various other parrots, it is a really good option for parrot proprietors living in condominiums or even apartments. This is not a vibrantly tinted bird, but its grayish tone is highlighted with beautiful however understated tones of blue, violet, and fuchsia, as well as flashes of cherry.

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Source and also History

The South American dusky pionus parrot possesses a large variety in the wild, living in Venezuela, Brazil, Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana, as well as aspect of Colombia. It favors to reside in forested regions where it can forage as well as hide one of the vegetation and also brush, secured coming from predators as well as the aspects. Captive breeding programs have produced dusky pionus parrots readily available throughout the field.


The dusky pionus has a credibility and reputation for being actually a quiet, laid-back animal. It can be bashful or solitary however are going to obtain caring along with its own individual family members. The dusky pionus parrot takes pleasure in hanging out along with its relative, so if you are actually considering this bird, are sure that you’ll capable to become at home with it for a really good part of on a daily basis.

This bird is actually less likely than other parrots to connection exclusively to one person merely, particularly if it is actually socialized with all family members at an early age.

This bird learns techniques along with good reinforcement. Educating sessions are actually an enjoyable, interacting experience for them.

Speech and Vocalizations

While the dusky pionus parrot are going to at times find out to state a phrase or 2, it is not known for being actually a strongly voice, chatting bird. Having said that, along with comprehensive instruction, it may learn to simulate 10 to twenty terms.

Dusky Pionus Parrot Colors and Markings

The dusky pionus parrot is a dark-colored bird overall with black grayish-brown feathers covering a lot of its own physical body. In effective lighting, truth beauty of their plumage emerges. They possess brilliant blue rears, highlighted with blue almost their wings, a speckling of white feathers on their backs, a reddish/pink tinge to their stubborn bellies and boobs, as well as bright red under their rears.

There are no obvious ways to setting apart guys from girls. Simply operative sexing or even hereditary screening can establish the sexual activity of the bird.

Taking care of the Dusky Pionus Parrot

A dusky pionus parrot is usually easier to look after and less requiring than a lot of the other parrot species.

This bird will definitely need to have lots of space– a sizable parrot crate or even aviary is actually the most effective setting (as much as 5 feets high and 3 feet through 2 feets, long as well as wide). The even more space you supply this bird, the much better. They are going to do fine in a medium-sized parrot crate (3 feet high, 2 feets long as well as broad) yet be prepared to provide lots of workout break of the crate.

Common Health Problems

It is actually a reasonably well-balanced varieties, the dusky pionus parrot is actually understood to be a lot more prone to aspergillosis contamination than other varieties. If your bird creates aspergillosis, it is treatable with antifungal medications if caught early.

Dusky pionus parrots may be prone to being overweight, mostly if restricted in smaller cages or even if they perform certainly not get ample out-of-cage workout opportunity.

Diet as well as Nutrition

In the wild, this varieties consumes fruit products, berries, seeds, blossoms, and also corn from farmland. The dusky pionus parrot survives best in captivity when it receives a well-formulated commercial seed as well as pellet mix that is muscled building supplement along with fresh fruits and vegetables daily.

Birds need to have a range of nutrients that will certainly help assist resistance as well as necessary lifestyle features. A different diet plan also helps maintain your parrot curious about consuming. It can receive bored and also saddened if the bird acquires the exact same meals every day.

Eighty percent of your parrot’s diet should consist of seeds, clean fruit products, and fresh veggies; 20 percent of its diet plan must contain grains and pellets. Every early morning, offer your parrot new food items. Make certain to provide it adequate food to last throughout the time. Every bird is various; provide as high as it is going to consume, which may be a 1/4 to 1 cup of food items. At twilight or dinner, give more fresh food items.

Stay clear of fatty meals; these birds are vulnerable to ending up being overweight. Prevent providing banana potato chips. Birds affection this delight, however it is actually fried in fat and can lead to being overweight.

Physical exercise

Dusky pionus parrots need to be actually encouraged to find out of the cage as well as exercise for a lowest of three or 4 hrs each day. This is essential for birds inhibited tiny- to medium-sized crates. Set up a safe and secure, bird-proof backyard for your bird and oversee it carefully during the course of play to avoid crashes as well as injury.

If you give a dusky pionus along with tons of playthings, like swings, represents, and also bells, it may maintain itself well captivated, requiring a lot less interaction. Provide a playpen or play health and fitness center perch in the property for the bird to make use of throughout its own out-of-cage workout time. Dusky pionus parrots are actually especially fond of swings.

Where to Adopt or even Buy a Dusky Pionus Parrot

You can easily locate dusky pionus parrots from a reputable dog breeder pc registry or even fostering company. They can easily set you back $200 to $2,000. The rate increases if it was hand-raised or sold as a pair. Rescues or adoption organizations might get this bird lost hope through owners unable to care for all of them. Some on the internet resources you can easily try feature:

  • Appeal of Birds
  • Saving Bird
  • Use a Pet

If you’re going the dog breeder course, talk to the breeder exactly how long it has actually been breeding and also working along with the varieties. The birds need to be actually active and also alert with brilliant eyes, clean plumes, as well as complete plants.

The dusky pionus parrot is a medium-sized parrot understood to have a gentle predisposition, creating it a great choice for first-time parrot owners and loved ones. A quieter bird than other parrots, it is a good option for parrot managers residing in houses or even condos. The dusky pionus parrot delights in costs opportunity with its own family members, therefore if you are considering this bird, produce certain that you’ll able to be at residence along with it for a good portion of each day.

The dusky pionus parrot is actually a dark-colored bird total with darker grayish-brown plumes covering many of its own body. It is a fairly healthy and balanced varieties, the dusky pionus parrot is actually recognized to be even more prone to aspergillosis disease than various other varieties.

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